A once in a lifetime adventure custom crafted to give you the very best that Southern Africa has to offer.

Our second expedition starts off from the mysterious Wild Coast where we’ll explore its secluded shores, rivers and valleys. We head north through the lush east-coast of South Africa and cross the border into tropical Mozambique. We end the first leg of the expedition in the Kruger National park, where we’ll truly absorb the beauty of the African bushveld.

We head into the wild as we cross the border into Botswana where adventure, epic wildlife encounters and hard work at a volunteer program await us. This is Africa at its very best!


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Moya Tribe Base Camp, Vaal River to Durban or Johannesburg
DEPARTURE DATE Thursday 1st February, 2018
RETURN DATE Thursday 19th April, 2018
All transfers All food and drink
All accommodation All visas
All courses All gear and equipment
Moya Tribe attire Textbooks and guides
Flights  Medical insurance
Travel insurance  Souvenirs

The expedition ends on a high as we get lost in the mountains and forest of the Garden route. From here we end of with an adventure challenge like no other as we make our way to the finish line in Cape Town.

The Wild Spirit Expedition is all about discovering the father-heart of God and building a real relationship with Him. The expedition also aims to serve as a platform on which to build your future dreams and purpose. Throughout the expedition our students will get the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone to test and push their physical, mental and emotional boundaries out in the wilderness of Africa.

Throughout the trek we join various cultural groups and volunteer programs where we’ll spend quality time to build relationships and strive to serve the local community.


Day 1 - 5: Moya Tribe Base Camp

Theme: Invitation to initiation

Our Expedition starts off at the Moya Tribe Base Camp, situated on the banks of the Vaal River. In week one every student will receive their internationally recognised Heartsaver First Aid (HS First) qualification as well as a practical professional session on identifying and handling dangerous snakes, spiders and scorpions. The week is filled with loads of water sports activities such as wakeboarding, skiing and tubing. The main aim of the first week is to create positive relationships, address the group on our operations, procedures and code of conduct.


Day 6 - 12: Wild Coast

Theme: Into the Wild

During the first week you truly get released into the Wild! Throughout history most great men were released into the wild where they not only learned more about life, but more importantly discovered more about themselves. Before Jesus started his ministry, his purpose and duty here on earth, we learn that the Holy Spirit lead him into the wilderness. Paul, who is arguably the greatest missionary of all time, first went into the wild by himself, before he started his ministry.

At the start of the second week we make our way our way through the Transkei towards Mdumbi. The Wild Coast is just that, WILD! You never know what to expect, except for the fact of guaranteed adventure! We enter a whole new world once we pass through Butterworth…. Tighten your seatbelt and open your window, this is The Wild Coast!


Day 13 - 16: Durban and Umzumbe

Theme: Surrender and Serve

“The universe is so vast and ageless that the life of one man can only be justified by the measure of his sacrifice” A. Clemments

One of the most difficult things for us to do as Christians is to “surrender” our life, dreams and plans to God. We often don’t want to trust anyone else to take care of our lives, but Jesus teaches that we have to surrender it all to Him, just because He knows what’s best and He has so much more install for our lives than we can possibly dream of. If you want to serve God, serve people.

We arrive in Durban, the capital of the Zulu Kingdom, and get involved in the “Surfers not street children” initiative. These street children turned surfers will give us professional surfing lessons and show us around town. Elzanne will take us on a very special guided walk through a mangrove forest. On Saturday we take the whole group out to the beautiful “Valley of a Thousand Hills “to help out at the “Inanda Valley Dog Project. Umzumbe Surfhouse is located on the tropical south coast of Natal and for the next two days we surf, relax and get an in depth workshop on the importance of relationships.


Day 17 - 22: Ponta do Oura and Inhaca Island, Mozambique

Theme: Build your Boat

“A ship at harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for”

We check into paradise! For the next five days we live the island style life and soak up the sun. During our stay here each student will do their PADI Discover Scuba Diving course. In the late afternoon’s we head off to small local beach-bar’s and curio shops. Ponta truly reflects a rural untouched Africa infused with a Portuguese-island mix. Enjoy great local food and hospitality.

We start of week 3 with Moya Tribe’s own version of an” Amazing Race”. The group starts off with a hike to Catembe Bay where they will board the ferry to Maputo. From Maputo they will locate the train station, and take the journey to Komati Border post. From the border post they have to take a local taxi to the gate of Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve.


Day 23 - 25: Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve and Kruger National Park

Theme: Living with Intent

We head to the Lowveld of South Africa and make Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve our base camp for the next three nights. Kwa Madwala runs adjacent to the Kruger National Park and it is here where we will go on elephant – and horseback safari’s, walking trials, visit the Kruger and the surrounding area.

Covering a total surface area of nearly 2 million hectares the Kruger National park is one of Africa’s largest game reserves. With Mountain-ranges, Savannah Bushplains and tropical forests the park is home to an unrivalled diversity of life forms.


Day 25 - 30: Moya Tribe Base Camp

Theme: Believe

We check into Base Camp on the 11th October for a week of training and lectures. We kick off the week with a seminar on entrepreneurship and Human Resource management. We will also have a two day course on mental performance and personal development presented by CL Mental Performance. Throughout the week the adventures on and off the water will continue as well as programs on practical skills where the students will learn how to safely handle a rifle and learn some of the basics of agriculture applications.


Day 30 - 34: Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

Theme: Come Alive!!

During the first week you truly get released into the Wild! Throughout history most great men were released into the wild where they not only learned more about life, but more importantly discovered more about themselves. Before Jesus started his ministry, his purpose and duty here on earth, we learn that the Holy Spirit lead him into the wilderness. Paul, who is arguably the greatest missionary of all time, first went into the wild by himself, before he started his ministry.

Early Saturday morning we board the Moya Tribe Bus and head to Botswana, one of the most pristine, unique and harsh wilderness areas in the world. We jump on quad bikes and spend nights underneath the starts, while the likes of lion and hyenas roam around on the bare Makgadikgadi pans.


Day 35 - 47: Sankandi, Zambia

Theme: More Passion, less ambition

Whatever you do in this life will echo in eternity”

We cross into Zambia and head for our Mission station at Sankandi Village, Western Zambia. For the next ten days we will be actively involved in uplifting the community with tasks ranging from building a new school, setting up fun days for the children, praying for the sick and sharing the love with the beautiful people of the area. We will also start with our first curriculum on finances based on Biblical principles. Towards the end of our stay here all the lads will head out into the bush for two days on a survival -skills trip on foot while the ladies that remain in camp will have a two day workshop on the value of being a woman


Day 48 - 49: Livingstone, Zambia

After a hard week’s work at Sankandi, we treat ourselves to a few days of rest and rejuvenation at the Victoria Falls. On day one we enjoy a short hike to the best viewpoint of the falls. The following day we go White River Rafting down the Zambezi and end of the day hanging around the pool and stocking up on supplies.

“You’ll never learn more from live than what you would through travelling. There’s nothing better than being wise, knowing how to interpret the meaning of life. Wisdom puts light in the eyes!”


Day 50 - 55: Zimbabwe

Theme: Enter the Garden

Mana Pools is just one of those hidden gems that gives us a glimpse of what heaven must be like as there is no other way to describe this African Eden as majestically wild! We cross Lake Kariba with an overnight houseboat followed by 4 nights in Mana Pools National Park.

We finish off with our financial course and also do an in depth Bible study on the Fruits of the Spirit, the different trees mentioned in the Bible and the significance of the rivers running through the wild! We will also go on trial walks and get the opportunity to catch and release tiger fish from the Zambezi.

From Mana we head to the Matobo Hills National Park, a world heritage site and also the grave site of Cecil John Rhodes.

Our last night on the road is spent at Goo Moremi Gorge, a luscious gorge with a high convocation of eagles and vultures.


Day 56 - 58: Moya Tribe Base Camp, Vaal River

We spend two day at Base Camp to take a break from travelling and stock up on our supplies.


Day 59 - 60: Cape Town

Theme: I have heard my call and I must go

Renowned as one of the world’s most glamorous cities, Cape Town is a historic, awe-inspiring city. We spend two nights at African Soul Surfers, a cosy backpackers located on the prestigious Muizenberg beachfront. We do a fun tour of this amazing city followed by a surfing session on Muizenberg beach. On our last day we enjoy a memorable cycle expedition up Lions head and around the Long Street area.


Day 61 - 66: See and Sand, Hermanus

Theme: Put on the full armour of righteousness

“Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live and a beauty to rescue “ J. Eldredge

The next morning the See & Sand Crew joins our adventure. For the next four days we sleep underneath the stars, we catch and prepare our own food, we jump off cliffs, swim through currents, build overnight shelters, learn critical survival skills and have as much fun as humanly possible!

After we’ve collected and prepared our gear for the days that lie ahead, we get an in-depth brief about the ocean and ocean safety. We turn theory into practice as our experienced guides join us in swimming alongside a shore line current which takes us a little deeper, then pushes us back onto the beach. In the afternoon we hike to a safe secret spot behind the sand dunes where we’ll set up a fly-camp for the night. Our meals are either fresh fish caught from the ocean (snoek), crayfish that we dive out to catch or limpets collected from the rocks.

The following day we cross a river and arrive at a rocky terrace ocean crossing. This is one of the most challenging activities of the week and takes a few hours to complete.

The following day we go cliff diving around the coast. The famous Dreunkrans cliff will be saved for last and this jump is optional.

The rock-slates create a natural super tube, which we have to negotiate to get back to the beach, and always provide for a lot of fun, thrills and spills.

“A woman is a warrior too. But she is meant to be a warrior in a uniquely feminine way. Sometime before the sorrows of life did their best to kill it in us, most young women wanted to be a part of something grand, something important.” S. Eldredge


Day 67 - 70: Garden Route

Theme: Finish the race

We travel along the magical Garden Route and stop at a few popular destinations. Bloukrans Bungy Jump is our first activity for the day! Bloukrans Bungy Jump is the highest jump in the world and is an experience of a life time! We venture into the mystical Knysna forest and tackle some of its most challenging and exciting hiking trails.


Day 71 - 73: Baviaans Farm

Theme: Finish the race

With stunning sunsets and clear, starry nights, the Baviaans offers a taste of life at its unspoilt best. The area encompasses the World Heritage Site and Wilderness area of the Baviaanskloof. The Baviaanskloof is arguably one of South Africa’s best kept secrets, simply because it’s hidden spots are so hard to reach. We take to the mountains with knowledgeable local guides and explore its wild ways. We’ll sleep in caves, fish black bass, play bushveld golf and build our own shelters! This is big Sky Country at its best!


Day 74 - 81: Quest Africa

Theme: Finish the race

2 Timothy 4:7-8

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”

One of the real highlights of our Expedition is the inclusion of a 10 day stay at Quest Africa! Located on the prestigious Kaba Game Farm in the Eastern Cape, Quest offers a very unique experience that is sure to leave a lifelong impression on their hears and lives of our students. Their vision is to facilitate the development and character of young people- to give them a true sense of purpose and direction in their lives, as well as the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves in an environment that is both safe and true to life.


On the Wild Spirit Expedition, we will use different means of transport ranging from dhow boats to safari vehicles. For the longer drives the entire group will travel in a specially-equipped 20-seater Merced Benz vehicle. All guests will be met at their airport of arrival and taken to their airport of departure.


We will spend one or two nights in backpackers, several nights in Safari-tents, a night or two at local villages, but the majority of the time we’ll set up fly-camps. Fly camps are either self-built overnight shelters or basic tents set up in the bush or on a beach! There is no better way to get close to nature than this!


Over the past few years Moya Tribe has become well-known for our great traditional meals! On an expedition like this one should expect a few rough and rugged meals, but we have also gone out of our way to ensure that you get the opportunity to savour some of the best cultural-cuisine that Southern Africa has to offer. Our meals are planned and prepared to complement the particular region we’re travelling through; therefore it could either be fresh seafood out of the Atlantic, Portuguese-chicken in Mozambique or braaivleis in the bushveld. We also cater for vegetarians and guests with certain allergies (see Application form).

Health and Safety

All our guides are First-Aid qualified and have had several years of experience in the industry. We have planned our route in such that we remain within reasonable distance of emergency service.   a way that we are in reachable distance from emergency institutions. Guests are also thoroughly briefed before and during the expedition on various dangers that might occur during the expedition.

Travel Arrangements 

We know that some students would like to either come to South Africa a few days early or spend a few extra nights in the country, thus we will help you with all the necessary arrangements as well as give you our professional opinion on your travel plans and options. A lot of guests also partake in other volunteering programmes throughout southern Africa and we are willing to go the extra mile to put you in touch with the right organisations.

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