Stage 2: Bots, Zim

We board the Moya Tribe Bus and head to Botswana, one of the most pristine, unique and harsh wilderness areas in the world. We jump on quad bikes and spend nights underneath the starts, while the likes of lion and hyenas roam around on the bare Makgadikgadi pans.

Then we cross into Zambia and head for our Mission station at Sankandi Village, Western Zambia. For the next ten days we will be actively involved in uplifting the community with tasks ranging from building a new school, setting up fun days for the children, praying for the sick and sharing the love with the beautiful people of the area. We will also start with our first curriculum on finances based on Biblical principles. Towards the end of our stay here all the lads will head out into the bush for two days on a survival -skills trip on foot while the ladies that remain in camp will have a two day workshop on the value of being a woman.

After a hard week’s work at Sankandi, we treat ourselves to a few days of rest and rejuvenation at the Victoria Falls. On day one we enjoy a short hike to the best viewpoint of the falls. The following day we go White River Rafting down the Zambezi and end of the day hanging around the pool and stocking up on supplies.

Mana Pools is just one of those hidden gems that gives us a glimpse of what heaven must be like as there is no other way to describe this African Eden as majestically wild! We cross Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe with an overnight houseboat followed by 4 nights in Mana Pools National Park.

We finish off with our financial course and also do an in depth Bible study on the Fruits of the Spirit, the different trees mentioned in the Bible and the significance of the rivers running through the wild! We will also go on trial walks and get the opportunity to catch and release tiger fish from the Zambezi.

From Mana we head to the Matobo Hills National Park, a world heritage site and also the grave site of Cecil John Rhodes.

Our last night on the road is spent at Goo Moremi Gorge, a luscious gorge with a high convocation of eagles and vultures.

3 Days Planet Baobab
Gweta, Botswana
Planet Baobab is an oasis in the middle of the Makgadikgadi desert. This original lodge captures the essence of the open pans of Botswana. Enjoy the thrill of a quad bike expedition across the pans.
1 Day Elephant Sands
Gweta, Botswana
In the early hours of the morning we gear up for a trek down Hunter’s Road. After our morning march we have breakfast and head for Zambia.
 12 Days  Sankandi
Western Zambia
Head out the local villages to start our work and projects. We will be setting up a new school and help the involved teachers with training etc. On the last two days the men will head out into the bush for a survival course, while the ladies will attend a two day workshop. We will also take part in Paintball war games and tactical tests.
 2 Days  Livingstone
Livingstone is widely recognised as the Adventure Capital of Africa and sure is an exciting little town full of hustle and bustle. River rafting, bungee jumping, market exploring and lazy days by the pool are at the order of the day.
 1 Day  Kariba
We cross into Zimbabwe and board a Houseboat that crosses the awe inspiring Kariba lake to Kariba town.
 3 Days  Mana Pools
Described by National Geographic as one of the wildest places on planet earth, Mana Pools is truly a once in a lifetime experiences. Whilst at Mana we will go on Game walks on a daily basis.
 1 Day  Matobo Hills
The Park includes an Intensive Protection Zone where a large population of Black and White Rhinoceros are successfully breeding.
 1 Day  Goo Moremi Gorge
We cross the border and head to Goo Moremi gorge for an overnight stop.