Eighty awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, spirit-uplifting days in southern Africa


We have scheduled two...

Wild Spirit Expeditions

Expedition I - 1 Feb to 19 April, 2018

A once in a lifetime adventure custom crafted to give you the very best that Southern Africa has to offer. Our second expedition starts off from the mysterious Wild Coast


Our vision is to lead and see young Christian adults come alive and wake up to their God-ordained identity, potential, passion and purpose, through an exceptional trek through Africa, experiencing all the adventures that it promises.



Wian Marais

Tour Leader

Wian will be your Tour leader from the first day of the expedition up until the last. Wian is convinced of the fact that a life well lived is one.

Pioneer Moyo

Field Guide

Pioneer Moyo is Wian’s right-hand man, and with a surname like Moyo (Shona language meaning wind/air or Spirit) one can’t help, but wonder if its fate that he landed up…

Albert van Eeden

Team Leader

Albert van Eeden is the living embodiment of adventure. His energy, excitement and passion are not only infectious, but sometimes thrillingly exhausting. The times when Albert is calmer around the campfire.